EasyPellet ProductsTM are exclusively manufactured by Wood Fuel Developers, LLC (WFD) in Waverly, Virginia. With an annual production capacity of over 100,000 tons, WFD has become one of the largest wood pellet manufacturers on the East Coast. Since its foundation in 2010, WFD has streamlined and perfected its production process to produce an all natural pellet product of premium quality.
We understand that it is our duty to do everything we can to sustain the environment and form relationships with local suppliers who engage in ethical and environmentally responsible sourcing practices, as outlined by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Therefore, our pellets are made from by-products of the lumber industry, ensuring that no new trees are destroyed. 
Our premium brands are America's sustainable, clean alternatives to fossil fuels and synthetic products.
  1. Production-Facility in Waverly, VA
    Production-Facility in Waverly, VA
  2. Raw Material Delivery
    Raw Material Delivery
  3. Exclusive Storage Opportunities
for our Customers
    Exclusive Storage Opportunities for our Customers
  4. Our "Golden" Raw Material
    Our "Golden" Raw Material
  5. State of the Art Production Process
    State of the Art Production Process
  6. High Quality Packaging
    High Quality Packaging
  1. >100,000
    tons Year-Round Production Capacity
  2. >6,000
    tons Inside Storage Capacity
  3. >7
    years of Production & Logistics Expertise
Meet The
EasyPellet ProductsTM Team
Christian Boehme
Business Manager
Melissa Bradshaw
Sales Manager
​Equine Bedding
Donna Warthan
Sales Manager
​Wood Fuel
Whitney Harrison
Marketing Manager &
Business Development