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100% Renewable

Our premium brands are made from responsibly sourced, residual raw material. No new trees are destroyed in the making of our environmentally friendly products.
- We're naturals, too. - 

  1. Bought my first ton of EasyBlaze™, am amazed at the amount of heat my stove is delivering. I have tried many different brands and have to say EasyBlaze™ is outperforming them all hands down!
    Mike - EasyBlaze™ Super Premium Lover
  2. Got EasyBlaze™ at a retailer in Massachusetts. They burn great and generate great heat. No clunkers at all. Minimal ash. Great value, great product.
    Bruce - EasyBlaze™ Super Premium Lover
  3. We have an Englander 25-PDV, purchased used to offset our electric bill. I clean our stove very well, inside daily, the flue every 14 days. We purchased these from a dealer out of Western MA since there was a shortage in our area. I really like these pellets! They burned nice and hot, the ash is minimal, and they smell wonderful. They are small and worked very well in our stove. I would definitely consider buying these by the ton. They are great pellets and we enjoyed them!
    Christine - EasyBlaze™ Super Premium Lover
  4. These are the best pellets I've burned all season. They burn nice and hot and very minimal ash. Wish I had more. QuadraFire Castile 6 yrs old.
    Craig - EasyBlaze™ Super Premium Lover
  5. EasyKitty™ Litter is hands down my favorite! The pellets have really cut down on the litter box mess. There is no litter dust, and since the pellets are larger, they do not get stuck in my kitty's paws to be tracked through the house. It also has a wonderful fresh scent; even after my kitty has gone potty, all I smell is pine. I would definitely recommend EasyKitty™ Litter to all cat parents!
    Cara - EasyKitty™ Litter Lover
  6. I used EasyDry™ Absorbent on a hydraulic oil spill. It soaked up the oil very fast with little to no additional mess. It's very light weight and smells great. I'd use EasyDry™ over a clay-based product any day!
    Chris - EasyDry™ Absorbent Lover
  7. I don't mind cleaning the cat room anymore. There is so little mess now that I have switched to EasyKitty™ Litter! No tracking, none of that awful clay dust everywhere, and no odor, just a clean fresh pine scent!
    Tara - EasyKitty™ Litter Lover
  8. I am a big supporter of American made products, but I need them to work. I can honestly say this litter does! It has been the best litter for the shelter. It's easy to clean up, doesn't stick to the pans, no dust everywhere and the litter stays put. I don't find it tossed out on the floor. I've even had visitors comment on how clean and fresh our cat room smells!
    Tony - EasyKitty™ Litter Lover
  9. EasyKitty™ Litter really is the "cat's meow"! The difference in smell alone was enough for me to switch. The fact that I don't find litter anywhere but the litter box is just an added bonus!
    Sylvia - EasyKitty™ Litter Lover
  10. I just finished two test bags of EasyBlaze™ Super Premium - low ash, high heat, nice smell and beautiful blonde color. Can't wait for my two tons to be delivered Thursday. :D I would use their EasyBlaze™ Blend in a heartbeat.
    Russell - EasyBlaze™ Super Premium Lover
  11. I am using the Hardwood/Softwood Blend which has the heat of a hardwood and the ash content of a softwood. These pellets are by far the best pellet fuel product I have used!
    Leon - EasyBlaze™ Blend Lover
We strive to maintain the integrity of our EasyPellet ProductsTM by producing superior quality at a competitive price. In doing so, we are always seeking long-term partnerships and opportunities to grow our exclusive network of retailers along the East Coast.
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